Automatic testing and sorting machines and special devices for the bearing industry

Eddy Current Tester - ECT

Image exploits the ferromagnetic properties of balls and by means of detection principles based on eddy-currents is able to detect some kinds of surface and subsurface defects of material. Depending on the size of these defects and set sensitivity of the sorting the balls are sorted into the outlets "OK" or "ECT fault".

The ECT probes have a miniature pencil form and are manufactured in many sizes, in accordance with the BASC, BS or BSC automatic machine, in which they are used. The ECT probes can be used in two independent systems – ECT1 and ECT 2. In each of these systems the optimum sensitivity and the phase selection can be separately set for widely different defects (cracks, shape defects, etc.).

Technical parameters

Frequency range: 0.15 - 3.0 MHZ (Machine produced up to 2005: 0.15 - 1.2 MHz)
Phase selections: 0 - 180° in 10° steps
Variable amplification: 0 - 40 dB in steps 0,2 dB (machine produced up to 2005: attenuator
-6 dB; -12 dB
Sensitivity: 0 - 100% in 1% steps
Type of probe: Differential probe – pencil form
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