Automatic testing and sorting machines and special devices for the bearing industry

Diameter Sorter – DS

is a testing and sorting machine which sorts the balls into two groups - balls within the specified dimensions and those outside the dimensions.

It is used to sort the balls according to a size following the OK exit of the Ball Scanner.

Balls are sorted by means of a linear sensor. From the exit "OK-BALLS" the balls are transported to the prismatic part of the track. Here the balls are assessed with three points of contact (two fixed, one moveable sensor). Following the monitoring process the balls are dispatched by means of a gate into an ‚OK' exit for good balls or into the container for bad balls N.I.O ‚BAD'. The level of sorting (required dimension including permitted tolerances) may be freely selected.

The machine sorts balls into these categories:

  • OK ... required dimension (specified dimension +/- tolerance)
  • BAD ... greater or smaller than required dimension (excepting permitted tolerances)
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