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Ball Scanners and their MODIFICATIONS

Modification AS - Aero Space ECT

It is a modification of STANDARD Ball Scanners, for example BASC 0610 to BASC 0610 AS.
Remark: Ball Scanner BS 0203 is delivered in AS design only.

Ball Scanners with modification AS are intended for the defectometric examination of the surface quality of clean and dry steel balls for exacting users.

The basic characteristic of the AS modification is a narrowing down of scan path (more compact scanning pattern - meridians) which leads to an improved effectivity of the eddy-current method (Eddy-Current Tester - ECT) and in the case of using the EOT-AS tester also the sensitivity of the optical method, which is significant primarily for the WET INSPECTION.

Animation of Ball Testing – Comparison of STANDARD and AS regimes

ImageA customer can obtain these modified Ball Scanners either as the upgrade of the previously delivered standard machines or as new machines. The Ball Scanners with modification AS are always able to work in the AS regime and in the STANDARD regime too.

Differences between Ball Scanners with modification AS and STANDARD Ball Scanners:

  1. New software equipment - every Ø (size) is shown for AS and STANDARD.
  2. New spherocone rollers are marked with blue paint see Picture catalogue of AS spherocone rollers. On the second end of the shaft the AS spherocone rollers are equipped with two grooves in the form of a cross (+).

    Note: Standard spherocone rollers are equipped merely on the second end of the shaft with one groove (-).

    For AS spherocone rollers please see the Picture catalogue of STD and AS spherocone rollers.

  3. Some of the Ball Scanners have a unique ECT probe - see Overview of ECT probes.
  4. About 30% lower production rate in comparison to the STANDARD Ball Scanners on account of more compact scanning pattern.
  5. Some of the Ball Scanners have an increased down-pressure of the spherocone roller.

Modification WD - Width Different

Machines possessing this modification are fitted with spherocone rollers and software which permit an inspection of the balls with a much tighter pattern of meridians as is the case with the machines of type AS (AS = Aerospace -see above).

These modifications to machines can only be delivered following special agreement with the manufacturer.

Modification CTR - Monitoring of the rotation of the spherocone roller

It is an altered version of the Ball Scanner produced and delivered in 2005 and earlier i.e BASC 0610 becomes BASC 0610 CTR.

Remark: Ball Scanner BS 2542 was already equipped with the necessary modification for the monitoring of the spherocone roller.

The basic feature of the CTR modification is an enhanced monitoring of the correct rotation of the spherocone roller - transmission of movement: MOTOR - LINKAGE- DRIVE DISC - BALL - SPHEROCONE ROLLER (see ANIMATION). The CTR module monitors the application of the correct type of spherocone roller for the chosen regime: either Standard or AS (or, indeed, WD. Thus it can be ensured that, for example, an AS spherocone roller is not used under the Standard regime which could cause an inaccurate inspection of the ball's surface. If the module detects a mismatch between the selected regime of inspection and the spherocone roller then system registers an error.

Animation of CTR MODULE functions

The correct functioning of the CTR Module is ensured by the sensor and by the spherocone roller which possesses an axial groove or slit.

The spherocone rollers are equipped on one end of the shaft or the peg (according to type of Ball Scanner) with grooves (cuts) for either Standard (-) or AS regimes (+). When the spherocone rollers rotate the grooves cause the interruption of a beam of light which activates a sensor on the spherocone roller lever.

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