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Ball Batcher - BB
(Filling machine for ball-packaging with soft exit)

Ball Batcher is a machine for an automatic, accurate and fast batching of steel balls into plastic containers or cardboard boxes for transport or storage without any risk of mutual damage.

It is designed to be located behind the OK exit of the Ball Scanner.

The automatic batching machine type BB are intended for the batching of balls with diameter from range 9,5 -14,3 mm, 13,40 - 18,25 mm and 18,0 - 25,4 mm. The BB machines for the balls smaller than 6 mm are supplied upon an agreement with the customer.

The BB machines consist of three basic modules:

  • COUNTER - Module following the EXIT OK Balls of the Ball Scanners. This module is a track for the balls which possesses optical sensors to calculate exactly the number of balls passing and a special mechanism in the form of a rotor which has the function of a gate and a separator for the balls to facilitate their placing in the packaging.
  • SOFT EXIT - a module placed behind the COUNTER. This is designed to transport the balls without mutual damage into the packaging in the next module. Basically, this module is a vertical labyrinth which changes its position according to the height of fill of the packaging.
  • CAROUSEL - a module placed under the SOFT EXIT. This module is designed to accommodate up to 18 containers in the form of plastic bottles or cardboard boxes. CAROUSEL transports in steps and places empty packaging units under the labyrinth SOFT EXIT. After the filling of the packaging to the level required by the operator CAROUSEL searches automatically for the next empty container. The packaging cycle repeats itself and the operator takes away filled containers and inserts empty ones. Carousels can be supplied according to the individual wishes of the customers - the customers decide what kind of cardboard boxes or plastic containers will be used.
Description Range (mm) Order number
BB 1014 L 9.5 - 14.3 K 573 001
BB 1014 R K 573 002
BB 1418 L 13.40-18.25 K 572 001
BB 1418 R K 572 002
BB 1825 L 18.0 – 25.4 K 571 001
BB 1825 R K 571 002


  1. The complete BB consists of a COUNTER left or right with mount + SOFT EXIT left or right with mount + CAROUSEL + Control Unit CU with sensors, cables and control terminal.
  2. The complete BB is designed to be attached to a Ball Scanner type BASC
  3. The standard pathways of the COUNTER and SOFT EXIT are designed to be attached to the fully assembled table - see SPECIAL ACCESSORIES
  4. Automatic devices of type BB are:
    • o delivered either singly for a retrofit on a Ball Scanner or for another area of the production process (after agreement with the manufacturer)
    • or delivered as a component of the CONFIGURATION

Packaging in wooden crates is standard for overseas shipping but can be carried out on the wish of any customer.

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