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Ball Batcher Autonomous - BBA
(Filling machine for ball-packaging)

Ball Batcher is a machine for an automatic, accurate and fast batching of steel balls into plastic containers or cardboard boxes for transport or storage without any risk of mutual damage.

The automatic batching machine type BBA are intended for the batching of balls with diameter from range 3 - 6.35 mm, 6 - 10.3 mm a 9.5 - 14.3 mm. The BBA machines for the balls smaller than 3 mm and bigger than 14 mm are supplied upon an agreement with the customer.

The complementary machines of type BBA are produced in several variants, all including the following common features:

  • With entry hopper / or without entry hopper (the hopper can accommodate up to 200 kg of balls).
  • BBA 0610 up to BBA 1014 in the variant designed for wet balls (these machines are designated BBA 0610 WET and BBA 1014 WET.
  • With storage for transport packaging (cardboard boxes, plastic bottles etc) which can be in the form of a carousel or trolleys which move around an oval track.
  • The version with the oval track can have its counter either in the middle or on the side of the track.
  • The equipment can be supplied as a mobile unit with wheels allowing it to be transported to where it is needed.

The machines of type BBA are fitted with an electrically driven drum for counting the balls. The drum has pockets or hollows on its circumference which take up the balls and carry them under induction sensors which count them. When the balls have passed the counter they fall from the drum and are routed into the waiting containers which are placed on the carousel or the trolleys on the oval track.

If a customer wishes the equipment can be fully integrated into the production process.

Packaging in wooden crates is standard for overseas shipping but can be carried out on the wish of any customer.

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