Automatic testing and sorting machines and special devices for the bearing industry

Ball Transporter Gravitational Type BTG - for balls smaller than 14 mm

transports balls from a Ball Scanner to transport containers or packaging machines vertically without harming the surface of the balls.

BTG The Ball Transporter Gravitational BTG is a device that transports balls checked by the Ball Scanner and sorted in the "OK" outlet to the transporting container (box) which is placed under the "OK EXIT". The labyrinth damps ball falls from the "OK EXIT" to the bottom of the container (Box) in such a way that balls are not damaged by mutual jolts. This device can also be used anywhere in the production line.

Type Diameters [mm] Order No.
BTG 0306 3.00 - 6.35 K 107 000
BTG 0306 L K 107 001
BTG 0306 R K 107 002
BTG 0610 6.0 - 10.3 K 108 000
BTG 0610 L K 108 001
BTG 0610 R K 108 002
BTG 1014 9.52 - 14.30 K 109 000
BTG 1014 L K 109 001
BTG 1014 R K 109 002


  1. The BTG kit consists of: Labyrinth with holder + Control Unit CU BTG with sensors and cables + EXIT OK with sensors and cables
  2. Types of OK Exits - see separate prospectus
  3. Stands and trolleys for Ball Scanners type BASC and BS - see separate prospectus
  4. Ball Scanners type BASC and BS - see separate prospectus
  5. The container (Box) can be placed on a floor, the use of the trolley is not necessary
  6. BTG xxxx R ... is designed to be connected to the right side of the BASC
    BTG xxxx L ... is designed to be connected to the left side of the BASC
    BTG xxxx ... (without the last letter) is a kit that consists of BTG xxxx L and BTG xxxx R for complete installation on both sides of the BASC machine.
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