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Electronic Vibration Tester - EVT

Our EVT sensor is located on the shaft of the spherocone roller lever - thus in the housing of the mechanical part of the Ball Scanner.

The EVT method is an addition to the EOT and ECT methods of examination.

The EVT method measures and analyses the vibrations which are caused by the rotation of the ball in the monitoring point during the period of the scan - this means that the EVT analyses the geometric form of the ball and monitors simultaneously the current level of wear of certain parts of the Ball Scanner (state of the bearings, the spherocone rollers and the drive disc).

Technical parameters

Variable amplification: 0 dB, 6 dB, 12 dB
Sensitivity: 0 - 100% in steps of 1%
Type of probe: Integrated element

Elektronic Vibration Tester - EVT

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