Automatic testing and sorting machines and special devices for the bearing industry

KROB SCANNERS s.r.o. - About us

KROB SCANNERS s.r.o.KROB was founded in 1991 in Teplice, Czech Republic. Since February 2006 the business has carried the name KROB SCANNERS s.r.o. Since it was founded the company’s main activities have centred on the development, the sale and the maintenance of testing and sorting machines for the examination of the surface quality of ball bearings – our Ball Scanners of type BASC, BS and BSC. Special orders of our customers invite the development of individual machines that are supplied either as special accessories to the Ball Scanners or as independent units with modifications requested by the customer. We also deliver complete work station configurations.

Development is entirely carried out by our own developing and testing unit. Prototypes are long-term tested not only in our company but also by renowned companies in Germany (for example by INA Homburg/Saar, NN Euroball - Eltmann / formerly FAG, KGM - Fulda, KRS - Barchfeld, etc.)

Manufacturing - exerts 100 % testing of all parts and subassemblies on all levels of the manufacturing process and even before the final assembly of the machines. All electric components are long-term burn-in proved. The next test series are done after the final assembly. All products by the KROB SCANNERS s.r.o. are long-term tested before dispatching.

Sales - nowadays the products by KROB SCANNERS s.r.o. are exported to the USA, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Poland, France, China and India. The company provides great attention to the delivery of replacement parts in the most minimal possible time.

Quality - from 2005 the firm has been certified according to ČSN EN ISO 9001: 2001.

Servicing - KROB SCANNERS s.r.o. makes a big effort to ensure the fastest and highest quality service of its all products. We have our representative in the USA and our service centre including our representative in India now. Our future plans include the establishing of a service centre with a representation in Asia and a service centre in the USA.

The company pursues these activities:

  • Service during and after warranty period
  • The annual inspections - including the delivery of the calibration report and the yearly report on defects discovered during inspection and consequential remedy of these faults - are regularly required by many European customers.
  • Medium repairs (after 5 - 10 years or after 20000 working hours) - are recommended to all of our customers to preserve the good technical condition of the equipment up to the time of the general overhaul.
  • General overhauls (after 10 - 15 years or after 50000 working hours) - are recommended to all of our customers to preserve the good technical condition of the scanner.
  • Training of operating personnel and technicians when required by the customer.
  • Technical support for our customers

At present three main buildings are located on the company's own business park in which the above mentioned activities are carried out and where almost fourty staff are employed by KROB SCANNERS s.r.o. and its sister company KROBASC s.r.o. The main purpose of KROBASC s.r.o. is to secure the production and supply of components for the machine range of KROB SCANNERS s.r.o.

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