Automatic testing and sorting machines and special devices for the bearing industry


  • Since the year 2009 we have been supplying our Balls Scanners only in the AS design. The machines supplied with this design can be used both in the STD (STanDard) and the AS (AeroSpace) regimes. The customer just needs to apply the correct type of spherocone roller for the chosen regime. For a more detailed explanation – see MODIFICATION AS >>
  • New electronic system called CU-TS (Central Unit Touch Screen) – since the year 2009 we have been supplying our automatic testing and sorting machines only with the electronics in the form of a Touch Screen (the control unit CU-TS), which replaces the previous electronic system called Main Housing of Electronics, more information >>
  • Printout from the control unit CU-TS for all Ball Scanners and Hardness Testers – Output Protocol (monitoring report) more information >>

New products

  • Ball Scanner Type BSW 1014 AS (wet inspection) more information>>
  • Hardness Tester Autonomous Multifrequency HTA 0306 MF more information >>
  • Hardness Tester Multifrequency HT 1014 MF more information >>
  • EOT AS – Electronic-Optical Tester with increased sensitivity for the inspection of wet balls (intended for the machine BSW 1014 AS) – for more information please contact the producer
  • Modernised Ball Scanners from 0306 to 2542 (with higher performance and other improvements)
  • Ball Batcher Autonomous BBA 0306 more information >>
  • Ball Batcher BB 1014 more information >>

In preparation

  • Ball Scanner Type BS 4058
  • Ball Scanner Type BS 5575
  • Ball Scanner Type BSC 70100
  • Hardness Tester Autonomous Multifrequency HTA 0203 MF
  • Ball Scanner Type BS 1.4 - 2.0
  • Ball Transporter Type BTE

Remark: All innovations are marked with the following sign:

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